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3 years ago we moved from Gardner Kansas to Omaha Nebraska; while we were looking for houses I had the requirement of a separate workshop or a much larger garage and the wife had a requirement of being able to park in the garage and not in the drive way since I have the tendency of taking over the garage. We settled on a house with a large three car garage, 12 foot ceilings and a large attic above the garage, although there are no stairs to the attic opening.

Travel back in time to when we were packing up and getting ready to move. We were moving in with my Father In-law until we could save up the down payment for the house. We knew we were going to have to have storage units to store our belongings in until we found our new home. Unfortunately we ended up needing two units and there was still not enough room for my benches, so I had to part with them all except one pre-built one from home depot. I also had to sell my large lathe and the nice bench that it was on…that was a sad day for me; I accepted that it had to be done packed up my remaining tools into large rubber maid tubs and we put everything into storage.

Several weeks after we moved to Omaha we got the wonderful news (not so wonderful then) that my wife was pregnant with our 3rd child, this really bumped up the pressure to get the money saved and find a new home. 4 months after we moved we found a 4000 sq foot home that was perfect for us. Large garage, lots of space for our growing family and in the school district we wanted. A few weeks after we moved in I threw together a bench that met my needs and allowed me to get some project underway. I had no storage for my tools so they had to stay in tubs for now and finding tools was tedious when I needed them.

I threw up a peg board and put some of my regularly used tools on there as well as bought a couple metal cabinets off craigslist for storage. I still am without drawers or shelves and my tools are unorganized. This summer I decided to begin the workshop rebuild. I haven’t gotten far on the project, family, work and life take up most of my time and when I do get out there I feel overwhelmed on where to start. I can’t build anything right now because my table saw is covered with miscellaneous items as well as my bench, so unfortunately i am going to have to take my wife’s suggestion and put everything back into tubs so i can get it out of the way and get to my table saw; then I can build a few items that will allow me to get the tools out of the tubs.

The summer hasn’t been a complete waste, I did take down the old bench and rebuilt it to be much sturdier, I also took down the beg board and started to put of a french cleats, although I need to take the cleats down so i can trim about 2 inches off them I made them just way to wide.

Task List:

Under Bench Drawers
Wood Storage System
Overhead Storage
Build Misc. Cleats to hang tools
Tool Organization and cleanup
Loft stairs (attic Access)

Doesn’t seem like much when I write it down, however, when I am out there I feel like it is an endless endeavor and will never get done. I have so many projects that I want to get started I can’t wait to be out there slinging sawdust again….until then time to get cleanup process underway.



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