Sconce Shelves

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These handmade wall sconce shelves have unending design possibilities. Use them to display candles, flowers, or whatever else you desire! They will surely make a statement in whatever room you put them in.  Comes in a set of 3 shelves. 

Choose from the following color pallets to meet your homes style.  

  • Slate with White Shelves 
  • Slate with Green Shelves (Most Popular)
  • Slate with Yellow Shelves
  • Charcoal with White Shelves
  • Charcoal with Green Shelves
  • Charcoal with Yellow Shelves

The back comes hardware installed,  so no additional hardware, except a screw, is necessary for hanging. If you are wondering about customization with stain/size of these wall hangings, we welcome requests! Send us a message today with questions.